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S.B. Reshellers Pvt. Ltd.

S. B. Reshellers Pvt. Ltd., is one of the companies owned by Shirgaokar Group. Shirgaokar Group comprises of around 14 companies diversified in the various sectors Group’s core businesses are Sugar manufacturing, Sugar Machinery manufacturing, Power & Distillery, etc. Group also has interest in industries like Industrial Flooring, Furniture, Hotel, Heavy Duty and Precision CNC Machine Tools, etc. Group has a total turnover of more than 180 Mn. USD. S.B. Reshellers Pvt. Ltd., - Kolhapur S.B. Reshellers Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 1978 at MIDC Shiroli Kolhapur. Specifically planned for carrying out Reshelling of Sugar Mill rollers and manufacturing of New Rollers and catering to all the major Sugar Factories and original equipment manufacturers of sugar mills in the national & international market. Over the period of 29 years, it has grown to become a largest reselling unit in the world, with Annual Turnover exceeding of Rs. 100 Crore. The unit, having spread over almost 20,000 Sq Mts of land having 12,000 Sq. Mts of the covered area consists of a largely integrated foundry having 3 Cupola furnaces, with a capacity of producing 6 MT of Cast Iron per Hr. each. Induction melting furnace of 1 MT capacity and holding and superheating furnace of 12 MT capacity enables the company to produce whole range, not only of Roller shells but various Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, and alloy steel castings in various sizes and weights. Foundry is well supported by a heavy machine-shop having Lathes, Plano Millers, Drilling machines, various Special Purpose machines, and likes. The foundry and the machine-shop has one of the best material handling system of 7 E. O.T. cranes of various capacities, ranging from 25 MT to 10 MT., a conventional physical and chemical laboratory and a Spectrometer for rapid analysis of metal chemistry. Also having vibration Stress Reliving, Ultrasonic, Testing facility & High technologies of welding. Promoters Background : S. B. Reshellers., is a Pvt. Limited Company, under Shirgaokar Brothers, like all Shirgaokar Group of Companies. About 65 years ago, Shri. V.S. Shirgaokar purchased an old, 500 TCD sugar plant from Bihar and installed it at Ugar Khurd. The plant started crushing on 21st April 1942 and thus Flagship Company of Shirgaokar Group was started.