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The Ugar Sugar Works Ltd

The Ugar Sugar Works Limited is the flagship company of the Shirgaokar Group of Companies. This organization is located in a township by the name- Ugar Khurd, Karnataka, close to the border of Karnataka & Maharashtra. Ugar Khurd is nicely located on the banks of the river Krishna.

The main businesses of our parent company are manufacturing of :

  • Sugar
  • Power
  • Indian Made Liquors
  • Industrial Alcohol and
  • Ethanol

The Ugar Sugar Works Limited is the largest ‘single location’ manufacturer of sugar in Southern India with a licensed capacity of 10,000 TCD. Ugar manufactures more than 1.5 million bags of sugar annually.

In addition, we have set up a 44 MW cogeneration based power plant using renewable sources of energy (i.e. bagasse). Of this, 28 MW is exported to the grid & 16 MW is used for captive consumption. Ugar has two distilleries with a total capacity of 75,000 bulk liters per day.

The primary products coming out of the distilleries are :

  • Rectified Spirit
  • Indian Made Liquors
  • Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol)
  • Arrack
  • Industrial Alcohol

Some of our well-known brands in the marketplace are Old Castle Premium Whisky, Old Castle Rum, US Rum, US Whisky, Vatted Malt Whisky, Sandpiper Whisky, Gentleman's Whisky, Ugar Doctors Brandy, Gagarin Vodka and US Gin.