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Testing Machines

Technology & Tooling

Technology & Tooling

  • Solid works for 3D Modelling
  • MAGMA software with Iron Module for Solidification & Flow simulation
  • Strong supply chain for developing the pattern equipment through CNC machines
Moulding Equipment

Moulding Equipment

  • Continuous sand mixers: 80 MT / hr, 30 MT/ hr & 6 MT / hr built with flow & thermal sensors
  • Fully automated fast loop moulding line with a flask size of 4m long, 3m wide, 2m height along with compaction table
  • Two shakeouts with sand reclamation plant for furan no bake sand system

Finishing Equipment

  • Shot blasting machine size 5m X 5m
  • Complete range of grinding equipments

Machining & Painting

  • Strong supply chain for machining the critical components along with surface coating facility


Melting Equipment

Melting Equipment

  • Two crucibles of 10 MT each with dual track system *
  • Provision for 20 MT holding furnace

Quality Equipments

  • Spectrometer with complete range of trace elements
  • UTS machine 81: Sub zero temperature impact testing facility
  • Stationary 8: Portable Microscopes with Image Analyzer software
  • NDT facilities for UT, RT, MP1 8: DP along with qualified team
  • All kind of dimensional inspection facility